High Risk Accounts

High risk merchant accounts are specifically designed for businesses with a higher charge back probability. With our unique approach to understanding your business practices and our extensive relationships allow us to work with many unique businesses with various degrees of risk.High Risk Merchant Accounts can be easy to acquire with the right set of tools, the tools at the disposal of Secure Payment Solutions.

Many factors determine which high risk merchant account is optimal for your business. Some of these factors include:

  • No Transaction History
  • Refund Rate
  • Location of your Business
  • Product or Service Sold
  • Method Through Which Product/Service Is Sold
  • Type of Industry
  • Monthly Volume and/or Number of Transactions
  • Chargeback Rate

As each of these factors influences the overall perceived risk within each potential high risk merchant account, some businesses are pushed into the High Risk classification. If your business is classified as high risk, don’t think that this is the end of your business ambitions but an opportunity for your enhancing growth.

Secure Processing Solutions is the place you should turn for your high risk merchant account needs. Our team focuses predominantly in understanding your business’s needs, your operational structure, your payment acceptance needs, and how payment acceptance limitations can be overcome to acquire you the right high risk merchant account.

Whether you need an adult merchant account or a travel merchant account, we have the tools to get you the right solution.

Here is a list of just some of the High Risk accounts that we can take:

  • Adult Sites and Adult Blogs
  • Vitamins
  • Auto Rental
  • Check Cashing Services Pay Day Loans
  • Dating Sites
  • Door-to-Door Sales
  • Horoscope / Fortune Tellers
  • Infomercials
  • Insurance Products
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Mortgage Services / Securities Sales
  • Pawn Shops
  • Time Share Sales
  • Travel
  • VOIP
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Computer Stores
  • Credit Repair Services
  • Credit Interest Rate Reduction
  • Downloading of Software
  • Hair Restoration Services
  • High Volume – High Ticket
  • Home – Apartment Operated Business
  • Internet – Custom Jewelry Sales
  • MLM Accounts
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Outbound – Inbound Telemarketing / Phone Solicitation
  • Seminars – Educational
  • Sports Cards Online
  • Sports Forcasting / Consulting
  • Weight Loss Products
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