About Our Company

Secure Processing Solution was formed in response to an overall demand for a knowledgeable, compliant focused payment processor who understands the sophisticated needs of a varied merchant base.  The owner of Secure Processing Solution has combined banking and industry experience of over 25 years, providing merchants, ISO’s and partners with a solid processing solution, one that can be counted on day after day, week after week and year after year.  As a pioneer in payment processing Secure Processing Solution possess all of the qualities a bank, partner or merchant customer seeks in order to have a solution provider that can be counted on.  The entire Secure Processing Solution team is encouraged to be forward thinking, creative solution designers, keeping the company, systems and overall product offering on the leading edge.  There is a keen understanding and appreciation for payment processing and the standard of care which must be taken to satisfy every client and regulatory need.  At Secure Processing Solution we don’t just use the word integrity we live it in every action we take.  We understand the risks of our business and operating in an ethical fashion.  Many of our partners look to Secure Processing Solution to assist with managing and mitigating ongoing risks.
The focus on continued, longstanding financial partnerships provides merchants of all types with a processing partner which is trustworthy.
Continued company growth will come from providing sophisticated payment processing solutions to all industry types and tailoring the delivery of those solutions to meet the varied regulatory needs of each industry served. Our Midwestern location affords us with the ability to easily, and quickly serve the needs of a nationwide client base while also having access to the right resources exactly when we need them.
We will remain a valued partner to our merchants and ISO’s by providing a stable processing platform and ongoing education.  We continually invest in our staff and their ongoing education so they may provide superior service and serve as a resource to our merchants and ISO partners.

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