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Secure Processing Solutions  offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of various industries.  Solutions include basic check, ACH and credit card processing services as well as sophisticated lockbox and medical banking platforms.

Secure Processing Solutions offers it’s solutions in a stand-alone, interfaced or fully branded environment.  If you are a bank, ISO or third party looking for a software solution that you can quickly and easily resell to your customer base, the Secure Processing Solutions solution is the perfect one.  The solution is scalable, user friendly and technologically advanced.  These are combinations not readily found in the payment processing industry.  Secure Processing Solutions truly becomes your partner, believing and living that your success is the company success. Our adult payment processing programs provide the ongoing processing due diligence required to keep payment processing seamless and within regulatory guidelines for this industry.

Check Processing: RDC, RCC, Check21 – Using SOAP, Haskel protocols as well as  batch uploading.

ACH – Check 21 – E-Checks
Merchant Credit Card Processing – Low – Medium – High Risk Solutions


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